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As a contractor, I have spent over 30 years doing carpentry and remodeling. I began in construction framing new homes in sub-divisions and have spent many years building structures. I started remodeling in the Portland, Oregon area in the late 1970's working on homes and restaurants. In 1984 I came to San Francisco and spent a year remodeling a four story Victorian home. Since then I have spent most of my time in and around the bay area remodeling. During these years I have focused on learning as much as possible about the many trades that go into the completion of a home remodel job. I have worked on every aspect of a remodel from jacking up a building to install a foundation to detailed restoration of a facade.

For me each new home contains a new set of problems to solve. It is my hope that I can complete a job in a timely fashion and on budget while still being able to focus my attention on the details that will make a job seamless as it blends into the existing home. These goals of mine help lead to happy clients and work that is satisfying to all involved. I do not have an expanding business. I do no more than two jobs at a time. It is the only way I have found that I can give each client the attention that it takes to make their home what they want without compromise.

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